Pascoes NZ

Jewelry has the most important part in human modern life. For modern human, especially women, jewelry has become one of important things for them to own since its beauty and luxury. As the time passes, jewelry has improved from just made of simple and cheap material, nowadays jewelry is made of complex and expensive material such as gold, silver, and also titanium. It is also attached with many variations such as gemstones, or crystals to be set on it as accessories.

As one of modern country where many of its residents are the modern one, New Zealand provides both its residents and visitors with many of jewelry products which will of course attract the customers. To get profit of the importance of jewelry, many jewellers in New Zealand make their moves to make unique and attractive jewelry that may attract jewelry collectors to purchase. One of the well-known manufactures is Pascoes Jewellers.

Pascoes Jeweller is a family owned jewelry company which has been establish since 1906 by its founder James Pascoe. Since its establishment, in New Zealand itself, Pascoes has for more than 37 stores nationwide and more than 200 stores worldwide. This store provides variety of jewelry for any gender and any ages. The jewelry it provides is necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, and variety of earrings. Not only jewelry, Pascoes also sells products such as watches and charms. To make it attractive, Pascoes' jewelry is set with many kinds of accessories from gemstones, or the materials of the jewelry itself. In term of gemstones, Pascoes provides many kinds of jewelry to choose. They are not just ordinary gemstones; they are the best quality ones.

The gemstones it provides are ruby, emerald, sapphire, peridot, amethyst, and even the most beautiful and desired gemstone, diamond. From the materials, Pascoes using two main materials for its jewelry; they are gold and silver. The gold material is not only using ordinary gold material, Pascoes also using white gold as one of its jewelry materials. From the silver materials, Pascoes using sterling silver which is combined with the beautiful gemstones such as pearl, crystal drops, and many beautiful gemstones which will attract more attention to the jewelry collectors.

Pascoes' products are the most wanted jewelry in New Zealand. It comes up with unique and attractive designs of jewelry that make it worth to be owned. You can check some of its most wanted jewelry products among its customers. The first one is 9ct butterfly pendant, a 9ct gold pendant with a beautiful butterfly design which will make its owner satisfied with the design. The pendant design is a top-notch design with such details of the pendant that makes it looks like real butterfly. It is only cost for about NZ$ 99. It is indeed affordable price for a good design of it. The next to look at is sterling silver blue topaz pear shape robover pendant. With topaz as the gemstones set, this pendant looks very beautiful since the combination of the blue colored topaz combined with shiny sterling silver. It costs for about NZ$ 49. With the beautiful design and combination of topaz and sterling silver it is a cheap yet best quality pendant to purchase. One more thing to look at is 9ct two tone diamond dressing ring. It is one of the most popular jewelry of all Pascoes' products so far. As its name, two tones, the materials used for this rings is not only yellow gold, it is the combination of white and yellow gold with diamond as the gemstones’ set. The diamond is designed with flower like design that is very beautiful to own.

Pascoes' stores are not difficult to find, as they are spread all over New Zealand’s regions. You can easily find Pascoes' official stores especially in Auckland region. In New Zealand, you can find its stores at several regions such as Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, East Coast, Taranaki, Manawatu, Wairarapa & Wanganui, Wellington, Tasman, Canterbury, Otago, and the last is Southland. Most of each area, there are only maximum three stores of Pascoes. However, several areas have more than three and Auckland has the most number of Pascoes' stores. It has for 11 stores spread along the Auckland area. You can find them at shopping centers such as Sylvia Park, Newmarket, Glenfield, and other places in there.